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Beatrice Zhou
Lorenza Ruiz
Harper Hunt
Toric Ma
User Research
Concept Development
User Interface Design
Visual Design


2 weeks 


Short trips involving a lot of driving can be stressful for some travelers. Not knowing how to rent a car or not being familiar with the driving rules in a foreign country makes driving unsafe. If not driving themselves, travelers with luggage who need to go to several places could get tired of constantly taking taxis or requesting rides. Finding the right place to visit also takes time. Since Uber is the most popular and common-used ride-hailing service in the U.S., how might we add features to Uber to make the service more customizable so that it can fit more personal needs?


Uber Trip is an add-on feature to make traveling easier by offering a private driving service and travel guides so that riders get to set multiple destinations and edit pick-up times. It provides trustworthy drivers and various types of vehicles customized for customer's needs.


We interviewed 10 frequent travelers about their current travel experience that involves driving. All of them have used Uber as their ride service during short trips at some point. 9 of them have rented cars before, and 3 of them have used car services in the U.S. We also interviewed 6 Uber drivers to know their thoughts about the current Uber service and their experiences. Surprisingly, 5 of them mentioned the situation in which they drive around but have no orders.
Riders want to customize multiple destinations and the arrival time 
In some situations, travelers wish someone could take care of driving, parking, and luggage issues so that they can better enjoy the trip
Some riders feel car service is too expensive
Some riders care about safety issue a lot, they want responsible, reliable, and experienced drivers to offer service

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