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How might we redesign Uber to make it a tool fits personal needs including time, locations, travel recommendations for an effortless short trip?


Planning and executing a short trip can be stressful and time consuming. Too many uncertainties including time management, places to stop, transportation tools, or even concerns about safety.


Uber Trip is an online driving service platform owned by Uber to make your trip easier by offering driving service of your time preference. It provides trustworthy drivers and various types of vehicles there just for customer's flexible timeframe and realtime booking system to fit specific trips.

Scope: 2 weeks

Categories: UX Research, UX Design

My Role: Primary and secondary research, concept development, user journeys, low-fi wireframes, prototype

Tools: Sketch, Principle 

Design Process


Short trips involving a lot of driving can be stressful for some travelers. Many travelers don’t know how to rent a car in foreign countries and they are not familiar with the driving rules. Taking taxis or Uber can be time consuming and money consuming. 

​User Interview

We interviewed 10 travelers. All of them have used Uber as their ride during short trips at some point. 9 of them have rented cars before, and 3 of them have used car services in the States. Although the target audience in this problem is passengers, we interviewed 6 Uber drivers to know their thoughts about the current Uber services. Surprisingly, five of them mentioned the situation that they drive around but have no orders.

Users want to customize multiple destination and the arrival time 

Users feel car services are too expensive. 

Users want someone to deal with driving, parking, and organizing luggage problems.

Users want responsible, reliable, and experienced drivers. 

Competitive Analysis