AccuRad App Design + Design System 

Background & My Role.

UX Designer @ Thrive | Client, Mirion Technologies Inc. | 6 months | Sept. 2019 - Feb. 2020

Mirion Technologies Inc. is a radiation detection company. They have a wide range of products from first responders' small radiation detector to big institutional instruments in labs or military. With acquiring several small companies in 2019, Mirion now has over 300 products that have different styles without a unified brand language. Thrive previously helped Mirion design ACCURAD and its packaging. This time, Mirion came to us with the challenge of how to unify their products' physical and digital styles, so that their future products design could speak for the brand and look consistent. 
I work closely with a UX director and 2 industrial designers on this project. I’m primarily responsible for working on analyzing products' functions at the early phase. Later I led exploring different visual approaches for the new design system.

What do current Mirion products look like?

Current Mirion products don't have a unified style physically and digitally. The logos are  
I'm lucky to work with passionate and brilliant colleagues. The work challenges, motivates, and humbles me every day.

For the ACCURAD product design and packaging, please VIEW HERE. The connecting mobile app will be available soon. Due to ongoing status of this project I'm unable to share content, but I’d be happy to chat in person.

The Outcome.

A Seamless Companion App, Providing Easy and

Robust Connection between the PRD and Smartphones

AccuRad application is the companion mobile interface for the AccuRad™ PRD. It is the bridge between first responders on the ground and command center software, which provides real-time geospatial and radiological data relay so agencies can get access to the information when and where they need it.

Be Familiar with Products and Functions

Multiple Themes to Show Different Feelings

5 Totem Products Final Design

Iterate on Better Visual Solutions

I'd love to chat! Drop me a line at realbeatrice@gmail.com

Let's embrace the slower time. Stay safe.

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