StartUp Challenge @ SCAD | 1 week | 2019 Feb

Overview: Creating a Home was the theme for 2019’s SCAD StartUp competition, a yearly design challenge where multidisciplinary design teams have one week to ideate, build, and pitch their solution to industry experts and judges. 
My Role: I was on a 4-people team and responsible for the research, ideation, concept development, and UI design.



What is Home? Home means different things to different people. Home is spaces, feelings, relationships, experiences, and memories. My group targeted soon-to-be mothers as our users because their belly is the first home of a new life.


Let's Meet Elly

This is Elly, and she just got pregnant with her first baby
Elly and her family are very excited and happy about this upcoming baby.
At the same time, there are so many things going on in her life and she often feels overwhelmed. But her husband and friends couldn't resonate with her which makes her frustrated ...
However, after being pregnant for a while, Elly finds herself getting more and more emotional and she cries frequently ...
Until someday, Elly saw a YouTube blogger Jessica who is another new pregnant lady, talks about her pregnancy experiences in her channel. Elly feels she can relate to a lot of what Jessica said ...
In fact, Elly is not alone. Actually, there were around 4 million babies born in the U.S. in 2017 while half of the new moms aren't getting the mental health support they need. More importantly, inefficient mental support can lead to problems that not only damage mothers but also have a negative influence on their fetus.
... there is a community where Elly can find more pregnant ladies who are experiencing the same things and are able to truly resonate with her. This would give Elly more emotional support to improve her overall pregnancy experience.


Introducing BellyBaby.

BellyBaby is an app that supports soon-to-be mothers throughout their pregnancy by providing a community that connects pregnant women based on their preferences and experience. There are professional mentors in each groups that facilitate daily activities and encourage moms to talk to each other and share experiences.

Infographic and Community

Be with Your Peers

Home page uses an infographic to chart the progress of the women's pregnancy by day, week, and trimester. Specific group allows women to be with peers who are in the same pregnancy stage and to communicate with each other. 

Mentor Just for You

Your Facilitate your Daily Activities and Emotions

Professional mentors are there to help mothers deal with unexpected emotions, to support them as they experience physical uncomfortableness, and to provide answers to their questions.


The Valve

42-week Journey

Be with Your Peers and Mentor

Pregnancy is a 42-week journey. BellyBaby provides cohorts that are based on moms' pregnancy status and preferences. Inside each cohort, there are peer moms who share similar conditions and experiences. It will be easier for them to accompany each other and go through trimesters. A professional mentor in each cohort will be facilitating daily activities and encouraging moms to talk to each other. Mentors will also provide personalized care to each individual mom.


Some Process.



Visual Design.

Your own mentor is there to answer questions and guide you through the pregnancy with suggestions on health, diet, exercise, mood swings, and other related topics. 
Supportive resources customized just for you based on your needs and schedule. 

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Let's embrace the slower time. Stay safe.

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