BBVA Internship

UX Design Internship @ BBVA Compass, Dallas, TX | 11 weeks | Summer 2018 

I was one of the interns at BBVA Compass in Dallas, TX in the summer of 2018. This was an 11-week internship where design intern collaborated with a design team, engineer team, and marketing team with task on ideating, designing, developing, and testing. I worked on 3 different projects with different teams. We used an Agile scrum development process, which included sprint planning, careful feature prioritization, and constant iteration.

If you are interested in hearing more about my work experience in summer, I’d love to talk about it in person because some of the work are confidential.


Helping design team explore better money transfer user flow

Tuyyo is a money transfer application that targets users who transfer money between the U.S. and Mexico. As a money transfer app, it has a competitive market with other similar FinTech products but more simple user flows. 
My role as a designer included conducting user research such as competitive analysis and interviews, mapping out and wireframing user flows for concept exploration, and working with engineers to prioritize bugs and features. I had the opportunity to collaborate with a design lead, 5 developers, as well as a Product Manager in Dallas, TX. My team successfully navigated Tuyyo's launch process and kept updating new promotions and fixed bugs for later versions of the app!


BBVA Home Warranty

Assisting design lead re-design a landing page for BBVA Home Warranty site

This was a 3-week sprint project where BBVA partnered with a third party to re-design the landing page of a Home Warranty website. This project involved a lot of virtual meetings and back and forth communications among teams. I conducted early research which included comparative analysis with the layouts of similar landing pages and their calls to action. After organizing the results, I presented the key findings to the Product Manager and marketing leader. Later I assisted the design lead to make the page follow BBVA’s design guidelines and worked closely with the content strategist on the tone and copy for the page.


BBVA Internal Website

Conducting research and auditing for a BBVA internal website

I was in charge of collecting feedbacks about employees’ experience with the internal website by doing 40+ interviews. After collecting information, I synthesized the pain points that were confirmed by the employees and created the information architecture of the web. I assisted a product manager and a designer to audit the website and critiqued it to prioritize the areas that needed to be improved or redesigned based on their importance. 


On the Side ...

Attended InVision event in Dallas and shared learning with co-workers 

More Projects.

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